Sound Level Meter SPMTWO
Sound sensing
and analyzing.
Real-time Measurement and Analysis of Sound levels
High-performance measuring device for autonomous measurements in determining, storing, and analyzing the sound level as well as for continuous monitoring of sound sources. Use especially in rail, road, and air traffic as well as at building sites, events, and in industrial facilities.
The SPMTWO is particularly user-friendly and was developed especially for sound level monitoring and analysis. Apart from long-term data storage, its performance range also includes automatic transfer to a computer or a server. Moreover, the device allows the analysis and evaluation of all measurement variables in the time range and real-time representation of FFT and one-third octave bands.
  • Parallel measuring and storing of all
    measurement variables in time range
  • Real-time FFT & one-third octave band analysis
  • Automatic storage of sound events
  • Noise identification
  • Interfaces for weather data,
    traffic counting or webcam
Counselling and Service
  • Counselling regarding installation and operation
  • Mounting of sound level meters and microphones
  • Maintenance: annual check and recalibration (also on site)
  • Leasing of sound level measurement devices
  • Development of customer-specific evaluation procedures and result protocols

Interfaces for weather data, traffic counting, webcam and others


Promoted by the German ministry of economy and technology, due to a decision of the German national parliament

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