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Our weatherproof microphone unit (type NP491, incl. heater and test unit) is suitable for continuous outdoor long-term usage. Due to the integrated heater, the microphone works reliably at temperatures down to -20°C. Even high temperatures up to +70°C do not limit the microphone’s functionality.

To protect the microphone from external environmental influences, we also supply a suitable windscreen and bird spike.

The measurable level range is between 30 dB and 130 dB, the frequency range between 20Hz and 20 kHz.

Weather Station for SPMTWO
With the help of the combined meteorological station offered by us, not only sound but also the most important meteorological parameters can be measured. The weather station reliably records wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, precipitation and brightness. The wind speed and wind direction are determined by ultrasonic sensors.
Outdoor Housing
If there is no possibility to place the evaluation unit of our sound level meters inside, our outdoor housing is a good solution. The outdoor housing protects the device reliably against environmental influences by the case-in-case concept and is suitable for wall and pole mounting. The outdoor housing is equipped with a temperature sensor and a heater, so that operation is guaranteed even at very low temperatures. In order to prevent warm air from accumulating, there are gill embossing on the back and side walls for ventilation.
Mobile Measuring Station
In order to carry out a self-sufficient, mobile measurement, we can recommend our mobile measuring station. The sound level meter is installed in a case which can be set up at different locations. Due to an integrated supply unit the device does not need to be supplied with power and can be used practically everywhere.
Installation Material, other Accessories and Services
If the possibility for a proper installation of our sound level meter is not given from the beginning, we are pleased to offer you different installation material and accessories to enable the installation of a measuring system.

For example, with the help of a stand and sliding mast, a measuring system can be set up almost anywhere. Besides installation material we can also provide you with LTE- and GPRS-Modem, cable extensions or transport cases for the sound level meters.

You also have the choice between a factory calibration and a calibration in a laboratory certified by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS calibration).

For all our instruments we offer on-site consultation and installation as well as maintenance and repair.
PC Software for SPM483
Transfer & visualize Noise curves.