Measurement of sound Pressure.
Recording. Transferring. Archiving.
Sound sensing and recording
For the monitoring of sound sources, we offer different solutions complying with existing standards and regulations. With our devices, you can measure, store, and represent sound pressure. Besides, we enable automated analyses to identify and differentiate sound sources and events.
Our Services & Products
  • Long-term measurement of sound levels
  • Compact, weather-proof solutions
  • Coupling with further measuring variables
  • Server solutions
Your Advantages
  • User-friendly devices
  • Correlations with other measuring variables possible like, e.g., axis counting, weather data, traffic census, and other emission values
  • Efficient sound emission monitoring of industrial facilities and traffic systems

Sound Level Meter SPM483
Monitor & microphone for measuring
and recording sound levels.

Sound Level Meter SPMTWO
Sound level measurement and real time analysis.