Cooling of media & inline
water content measurement.

u.a. in hydraulic oils, diesel, vegetable oils, Skydrol
Inline cooling and measurement of absolute water content
In industry, there are many applications (e.g., quenching process in hardening plants) which require a very high media temperature because of the process specifications. Due to this requirement, the inline measurement of water content in the used media is extremely difficult.

The GfS Oil-TEC-Water-Detection-System offers the ideal solution!

The system, which combines the cooling of media with simultaneous inline water content measurement, is equipped with our proven NP330-F water-in-oil sensor. It is designed to measure the absolute water content precisely and reliably even in media with extremely high temperatures.

The functionality of the system is based on the Peltier effect. It enables to cool the customer-specific medium into a range that allows to measure the water content by using our NP330-F sensor without any problems.

The compact system can be mounted by bypass, for example. Due to the integrated pump, the system is able to draw in the medium independently and generate a constant flow. The media temperature is constantly monitored and displayed at the inlet and outlet.

The current absolute water content (in ppm [mg/kg]) is available for further processing via 4-20mA interface.

Beratung und Service
  • Consulting on installation and operation
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance and annual check
  • Inline cooling and measurement of absolute water content
  • Integrated pump
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Optical signal transmitter
  • Display of all relevant measured variables
  • Output: 4-20mA (ppm)

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Water in oil Sensor

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