Water-in-Oil Sensor NP330-F • Accessories
Stationary Table Display
Display device for representation of the current humidity content.
  • Display of the current value in ppm or percent
  • All sensor outputs made available via table display
  • Sensor supplied with current via the table display


Mobile Data Logger
Mobile device for temporary supply and reading out of firmly installed sensors at sites without infrastructure.
  • Mobile logging and storing of more than 10’000 measured data
  • Recording of sensor data at predefined intervals
  • Transfer of recorded measured data via USB interface to a PC for further processing (CSV export for Excel)
  • No extra voltage supply for sensor needed (accumulator operation)
  • Memory for 12’000 measured values
  • Measured values with date/time
  • Excel export
  • IP54

Data Logger with Internet Connection
Device for centralized evaluation and analysis of several measurement sites at separate locations by means of connection of the sensors via mobile radio network or Internet to a server.

  • Storing of measured data and their transfer via network / mobile radio network to a server
  • Connection via Ethernet or mobile radio network to a server (FTP)
  • Several sensors per server possible, too
  • On request online graphic representation of data in the Internet (access control possible)
  • Data memory for one year
  • Measured values with date/time
  • Customer-specific data export possible
  • No extra voltage supply for sensor needed

Multi-Sensor Data Logger
Localizes even minimum leakages in complicated facilities, due to the sensitive and quick reactivity of the water-in-oil sensors.
  • Up to 36 sensors connectable
  • Monitoring of limits with alarm function
  • Graphic representation of the monitored values

Measuring water in oil
Measuring absolute water content in hydraulic oils
below the saturation limit.