Water in oil Sensor NP330-F

Measuring water in oil
up to Saturation limit.
Measuring absolute water content
in Hydraulic oil
Measuring absolute water content in hydraulic oil
Measures the absolute water content in hydraulic oils in ppm below saturation limit.
Application Fields
  • Oil Cooler Monitoring
  • Humidity entry in Hydraulic Systems
Wide range of Accessories

Water in oil Sensor
  • Quick reactivity
  • High measurement accuracy
  • High pressure resistance / shock resistance of the sensors
  • Customer-specific calibration with respect to the user oil
  • Embodiment also for extreme areas of use (‘mil’)
  • Manifold display, transfer, and evaluation possibilities

Variety of accessories
Bench-mounted display, portable data logger,
data logger with an Internet connection
or multi-sensor data loggers.

Water in oil Sensor

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