Dew Point Switch NP400-G
Simple Humidity monitoring.
Monitor the absolute humidity content in gases
Monitor the absolute humidity content in gases
Two adjustable switching levels with definable hysteresis for monitoring the dew point in gases by means of threshold value monitoring.
Application Fields
  • Adsorption Dryers
  • Air Supply Networks
  • Quality control of pressurized media (air/gas)
Negative/Positive switching logics
The sensor is equipped with two differently programmable switching outputs for display and/or alarm. The switching threshold as well as a switching hysteresis and a switching delay can be freely programmed by the user for each output. In this programming, the switching outputs can be defined in negative (active low) or positive (active high) switching logics.

  • Switching level, hysteresis, and time delay adjustable in a customer-specific way
  • Temperature-compensated
  • Three possible measurement ranges:
    −15°C to +15°C
    −46°C to −14°C
    −76°C to −46°C
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 3°C dp
  • High pressure resistance / shock resistance of the sensors
  • Stainless steel housing with IP65
  • Optional relay card with two switching outputs for 230 V
  • Can be produced as an OEM product

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