Dew point Sensor NP330-G • Accessories
Stationary Table Display
Display device for representation of the current humidity content.
  • Display of the current value in °C dp
  • All sensor outputs made available via table display
  • Sensor supplied with current via the table display


Mobile Data Logger P005
Mobile device for temporary supply and reading out of firmly installed sensors at sites without infrastructure.
  • Mobile logging and storing of more than 10’000 measured data
  • Recording of sensor data at predefined intervals
  • Transfer of recorded measured data via USB interface to a PC for further processing (CSV export for Excel)
  • No extra voltage supply for sensor needed (accumulator operation)
  • Memory for 12’000 measured values
  • Measured values with date/time
  • Excel export
  • IP54

Multi-Sensor Data Logger
Localizes even minimum leakages in complicated facilities, due to the sensitive and quick reactivity of the water-in-oil sensors.
  • Up to 36 sensors connectable
  • Monitoring of limits with alarm function
  • Graphic representation of the monitored values

Dew point sensor
Measuring absolute trace humidity in gases.

Software P005