Measurement and control
Engineering for Humidity
Analyzing. Specifying. Calibrating.
Complete solutions according to need
For measuring and controlling humidity, we develop and manufacture complete solutions according to need. This includes sensors for measuring absolute humidity by means of a customer-specific calibration, as well as calibration equipments and generators for trace humidity.
We offer focused advice regarding the customer’s problems and carry out in-house calibration of our devices. With the classifications for oils and gases, moreover, certifications are possible for certain application fields. We supply PC software for data storing and evaluation.
Our Services
  • Development of individual devices and solutions according to customer specification
  • Sensors also as OEM products
Your Advantages
  • Safe measuring and controlling of trace humidity in gases
  • Safe measuring of humidity in oils
  • Customer-specific calibration

Water-in-oil Sensor
Measuring absolute water content in hydraulic oils
below the saturation limit.

Dew point sensor
Measuring absolute trace humidity in gases.