Measurement and control Engineering
Developing. monitoring. improving.
30 Years know-how
For 30 years now, we have been developing and manufacturing test devices and other products for the sector of measurement and control engineering in Germany. With more than 10’000 devices for humidity, sound pressure, gas flow, and pressure measurement today we offer a comprehensive range of products, standing out above all for long product life cycles over several generations of devices.
In the development of devices, we either orient by customer-specific requirements or by set standards. Standards supported by our devices are, for instance, DKD (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, the German calibration service), or PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the German federal physical-technical institute) for measuring variables, accuracy, and traceability. Besides, we have licences for special application fields, like ‘mil’ (for the military sector).
After having developed and manufactured a device, we install it on site in the customer’s specific environment. In addition, we accompany the customer in the further course of the respective project with a broad range of services regarding further development and maintenance of our device.
Our Services
  • Measuring and generating trace humidity in oils and gases
  • Measuring sound pressure in the fields of environment, traffic, and industry
  • Gas flow measurement and control engineering for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Pressure measurement technology for hydraulic systems
Our Products
  • Laboratory measurement devices for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Devices and sensors for industrial use
  • Server connection for representation, analysis, and evaluation of measured data

Measurement and control
Engineering for Humidity
Analyzing. Specifying. Calibrating.

Measurement of sound Pressure
Recording. Transferring. Archiving.