For more than 42 years
in Germany
Measuring. controlling. automating.
Who we are
‘Gesellschaft für Sonder-EDV-Anlagen mbH’ (company for special EDP systems) – in short ‘GfS’ – seated in Hofheim/Taunus, Germany, has been developing and producing solutions in the field of industrial measurement engineering and automation since its foundation in 1979. Meanwhile, the medium-sized company, owner-managed up to this day, has a staff of about 140 persons.
In our firm, scientists, engineers, technicians, and businessmen work hand in hand.
Together with our customers, we develop custom-tailored solutions and manufacture individual devices that exactly match the customer’s requirements and needs. We are available to provide expert advice in the whole course of a customer’s project and offer installation, support, and comprehensive services worldwide.
What we do
Our maxim is: GfS develops solutions. Concretely, that means: we develop ideas for complex requirements and point out custom-tailored solutions.
Our goal is to create long-term product life cycles. For more than 42 years now, we have lived up to this maxim and have acquired comprehensive experience in the field of development of measurement devices.
Our devices are not available “off-the-peg”. We rather develop and produce custom-tailored solutions for a wide range of measurable variables and applications.
  • Controlling and measuring gas flows for pharmaceutical and food industries. Example of a product: FFS04
  • Measuring and analyzing sound in machines and industrial facilities as well as in traffic. Example of a product: Sound Level Monitor
  • Measuring humidity in gases for the pressure measurement industry. Example of a product: Dew Point Sensor
  • Measuring water in oil for hydraulics, e.g. in mechanical engineering, ship building, and aviation industry. Example of a product: Oil Humidity Sensor
  • Planning and constructing switch cabinets for pharmaceutical and food industries. Reference: A Large-Scale Project
  • PLC controlling software for pharmaceutical and food industries. Reference: A Large-Scale Project
  • Individual software solutions for pharmaceutical and food industries. Reference: Analytical Tool
  • DAkkS- and Factory calibrations
We deliver ISO-certified quality
Throughout your projects GfS Hofheim is your competent and reliable partner at all stages. Our quality management, which is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified, covers all areas – from product development right through to customer service.
The calibration laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.
Your advantages from our certification
  • Customer oriented and transparent work processes
  • Increased reliability regarding quality and ability to deliver on time
  • Continual striving for improvement
  • Fair and social interaction with employees
  • Responsible data use
  • Control of suppliers
Regular TÜV audits guarantee a high level of trust in our certification
Download:   DIN EN ISO 9001    DAkkS accreditation DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025