Factory calibrations
Factory calibrations – also called ISO calibrations – are carried out at GfS in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. All standards used are traceable to SI units and the measurement results determined contain information of the measurement uncertainty. The acceptance of the factory calibrations is the responsibility of the customer or the required standard.
We offer factory calibrations for the following areas:
Thermodynamic measurand
  • Temperature
  •   –   Resistance thermometer, also direct reading
      –   Direct reading thermometers with thermocouple sensor
      –   Block calibrators
      –   Precision baths
      –   Simulators and indicators
      –   Pyrometer
Mechanical measurand
  • Pressure
  •   –   Positive and negative overpressure
      –   Absolute pressure
  • Scales
  • Weight
Electrical measurand
  • Direct voltage
  • AC voltage
  • Direct current strength
  • AC current strength
  • DC resistance
  • Frequency / Speed
  • DC power
  • Capacity
Flow measurand
  • Gas flow rate
Acoustic measurand
  • Sound pressure level Sound level meter

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